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August 20th, 2008

Hamlet 2 Roasts Many a Sacred Cow

 How many sacred cows are living in your barn? If you harbour one or more of the usual, such as homosexuality or Christianity, you may take issue with the new film Hamlet 2, a 2008 Sundance Film Festival comedy smash.

Wide Distribution August 29


In the film a failed actor-turned-even-worse-high-school-drama teacher (Steve Coogan) inspires his students by staging a politically incorrect musical sequel to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Hamlet 2 is a creation of the twisted minds that brought us South Park and, true to form, the movie pokes fun at a herd of sacred cows.

Sacred Cow


The New York Times said of the film, "It made sure to take shots at Christians, gays, Latinos, Jews, the American Civil Liberties Union and Elisabeth Shue, one of its lead actresses."


Upon learning this, we at Angelina’s Wings dispatched our spies to find out who was kicking up a fuss over the movie and, not surprisingly, Christian fundamentalists were on it like halos on Jesus.


One fundamentalist blogger wrote, “A movie like this should never be shown in theaters. It truly a terrible sin – a blasphemy on a national scale.” So is bad grammar.

Generic Christian Protest


Any blasphemy on a national scale is bound to attract huge flocks of paying customers so this $9 million movie is virtually guaranteed to earn bags of money. Needless to say the lovelies at Angelina’s Wings will not be protesting; we believe sacred cows should be served up with a full-bodied red.


We do have one sacred cow – fashion. Hamlet 2 doesn’t take a shot at our reason for living, proof positive that the art and industry that we love is truly the only legitimate sacred cow.


Posted by Alexandra, courtesy of Angelina